You must read, agree to, and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement to be a User of our Website or the Services. Please read this Agreement carefully and consult independent legal advice prior to agreeing and accepting these terms.

Please read these terms and conditions of the user agreement (the “Agreement”) between you as a User, and Miiror carefully, as it constitutes a legal contract between you and Miiror. The provisions of this Agreement govern your use of our Website and of our Services. The purpose of the Website and our Services is to provide our Users with a one-stop career management (as an individual) and hiring solution (as a company) (the “Purpose”). Please feel free to contact us at: [email protected], should you have any questions or comments in relation to the Website or Services.

This Agreement describes the conditions under which you are allowed to access the Website and Services. If you do not agree to any of the terms of this Agreement, you should stop visiting, accessing or using the Website immediately, whether as a Visitor, User or otherwise.

By accessing the Website or using the Services in any manner, you are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by all of the terms of this Agreement, the Privacy & Data Protection Policy (accessible at www.miiror.com) (the “Privacy Policy”), and such other terms and conditions as may be imposed by Miiror from time to time. Please read the Privacy Policy to find out how we collect, use, disclose, process and protect your personal data, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (No. 26 of 2012) of Singapore (the “PDPA”).

Consideration for your acquiescence to all of the provisions in this Agreement has been provided to you in the form of allowing you to use our Website and our Services. You agree that such consideration is both adequate and is received upon your viewing or use any part of any of our Website or Services.

If you agree to the Agreement on behalf of an entity or agency, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind that entity or agency to the Agreement and agree that this Agreement is binding upon, and inures to the benefit of, your successors and permitted assigns. In that event, “you” and “your” will refer and apply to you and that entity or agency. You represent and warrant to comply with all applicable law in the access and/or use of the Website and Services.


1.1 In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms shall have the respective meanings corresponding to them:

Affiliate” means any entity that, directly or indirectly, through one or more intermediaries, controls, is controlled by, or is under our common control.

Confidential Information” means any material or information provided to, or created by, a User to evaluate the Services or the suitability of another User for the Services, regardless of whether the information is in tangible, electronic, verbal, graphic, visual, or other form. Confidential Information does not include material or information that is known to the public or that: (a) is generally known by third parties as a result of no act or omission of the User; (b) subsequent to disclosure hereunder, was lawfully received without restriction on disclosure from a third party having the right to disseminate the information; (c) was already known by User prior to receiving it from the other party and was not received from a third party in breach of that third party’s obligations of confidentiality; or (d) was independently developed by User without use of another person’s Confidential Information.

Fees” means the fees set out in paragraph 5, as applicable.

Intellectual Property Rights”: means all intellectual property rights including patents, rights to inventions, copyright and related rights, trademarks, trade names and domain names, rights in get-up, rights in goodwill or to sue for passing off, unfair competition rights, rights in designs, rights in computer software, database rights, rights in confidential information (including know-how and trade secrets) and any other intellectual property rights, in each case whether registered or unregistered and including all applications (or rights to apply) for, and renewals or extensions of, such rights and all similar or equivalent rights or forms of protection which subsist or will subsist now or in the future in any part of the world.

Miiror”, “us”, “we” or “our” means Miiror Pte Ltd (UEN 201706253M), a company incorporated under the laws of Singapore, and its subsidiaries, Affiliates and related corporations are operators of the Website, Mobile App, and any associated Services.

Materials” means images and content, including, but not limited to, text, software, images, graphics, data, messages, or any other information, and any other Website content owned, operated, licensed, or controlled by Miiror.

Mobile App” means a mobile application “Miiror Mobile App”, which can be downloaded from the Website or App store.

Services” means all services, applications and products that are accessible through the Website or Mobile App (including the publicly available portions of the Website).

User” means any legal entity or individual who has registered with the Website or Mobile App (and agreed to the terms of this Agreement) to utilise the Website and the Mobile App and access the Services for the Purpose whether as an individual or a hiring entity.

Visitor” means visitors to the Website who visit the publicly available portions of the Website, who are not registered Users.

Website” means our website located at www.miiror.com, all affiliated websites (including mobile websites), APIs, the Mobile App and any other applications published by us or our Affiliates for access to or use of the Website, Mobile App or any Services, owned and operated by us, our predecessors or successors in interest, or our Affiliates.

you” or “your” means any person who accesses our Website, including a Visitor or User and including any entity or agency on whose behalf any such person accesses or uses the Website.

1.2 In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires:

1.2.1 “person” refers to a firm, a body corporate or an unincorporated association;

1.2.2 any reference to any legal entity or individual persons includes, where appropriate, a reference to its authorised agents, delegates, successors or nominees;

1.2.3 words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa; and

1.2.4 words importing a gender will include all other genders.


2.1. The features of the Services hosted on the Website (depending on your User Account type) includes the following:

2.1.1 Digital visual-audio resume feature through visualisation of professional experience, skills and aspiration.

2.1.2 Personalised job recommendation and application management.

2.1.3 User Account privacy option allowing to make your account public or private.

2.1.4 Public ‘Skill Artefact’ Gallery capturing photos that showcase your specific skillset and sharing those with similar users.

2.1.5 Career journaling feature.

2.1.6 Skill map displaying job categories and associated skills for building the resume and career planning

2.1.7 online helpdesk, knowledgebase and community.

2.2. We reserve the right to change the form and nature of the Services provided from time to time and modify our Fees at our sole discretion. To the extent allowed under applicable laws, these changes may be effective upon notice provided to you. In addition, we may stop (permanently or temporarily) providing the Services (or any features within the Services) to you and other Users generally and not be able to provide the Users with prior notice. We retain the right to create limits on use and storage at our sole discretion at any time and without prior notice to you.


3.1 Access

Although Visitors may access certain public areas of the Website, only registered Users may use the Services provided. We are responsible for providing you with access to our Services through our Website, on as “as is” and “as available” basis, and are not responsible for ensuring you have the appropriate hardware or software required to access our Website and use our Services. You will need to purchase or license the necessary hardware and software to access the Website and Services. Any internet access or other fees that you incur to access our Website and use our Services are your sole responsibility. This Agreement covers all public and non-public areas of the Website.

3.2 Registration & Acceptance

3.2.1 By registering for a user account to use the Website or the Services (the “User Account”), or by your continued use of the Website or the Services, or by clicking to accept the terms of this Agreement when prompted on the Website, you agree to abide by this Agreement.

3.2.2 To access and use specific parts of the Website and the Services, you must register for a User Account. Certain parts of the Website are available to Visitors, including those parts accessible before you register for a User Account.

3.2.3 You are required to register for a User Account by completing an online registration form, and providing certain registration details and information and accepting the terms of this Agreement, to use the Services. Some of the requested information which are required to verify your identity may be personal, private or detailed. You agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by the online registration form (collectively the “Registration Data”), and you further agree to maintain and promptly update the Registration Data to keep it true, accurate, current and complete at all times while you are a User.

3.2.4 If you create a User Account as an employee or agent on behalf of a company, you represent and warrant that you are authorised to enter into binding contracts, including this Agreement, on behalf of yourself and the company.

3.3 Eligibility to Use & Access Website

3.3.1 To register for a User Account or use the Website and the Services, you must, and hereby represent that you: (a) a legal entity or an individual 18 years or older (or have otherwise reached the age of majority in the jurisdiction in which you conduct business) who can form legally binding contracts; (b) if you register as an individual–, you have only registered one User Account, which must be in your real name; and (c) if you register as a legal entity, you are an owner, employee or agent of the prospective User and are authorised to act for it.

3.3.2 If you are under eighteen (18) years old, or the legal age for entering legally binding contracts under applicable laws, you are not permitted to access or use our Website and Services. Misrepresentation of your age to gain access to our Website or Services is considered a breach of this Agreement and may constitute computer hacking under applicable law.

3.4 Responsibility for User Account

You are entirely responsible for any and all activities conducted through your User Account. You agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorised use of your User Account login ID or password, as well as of any other breach of security. While we may implement certain monitoring procedures designed to alert us to fraudulent activity, we are not responsible for any unauthorised use of your User Account, and you agree that you are solely responsible for any such unauthorised use, and for protecting the confidentiality of your password.

3.5 Password Security

As part of our security measures and policies, please note that we will never ask you, for any reason, to disclose your User Account password. Password inquiries will only be conducted online and only after you have signed onto the Website. In the event you receive an embedded link by email, claiming to be from us, you should not open it or click on the link, and should notify us of this immediately.

3.6 Agreement to Receive Notifications & Other Communications

We reserve the right to send electronic mail or other messages to you and to other Users. The purpose of these communications may include, but is not limited to:

3.6.1. providing you with information concerning your User Account;

3.6.2. providing information to you regarding products or services offered by our Affiliates or partners;

3.6.3. informing you about any of our related products or services; or

3.6.4. providing you with information about any item that we think, in our sole discretion, may be of interest to you.


4.1. You may only use the Website and Services for the Purpose. Without our express prior written authorisation, you may not:
4.1.1 duplicate any part of our Website or the Materials contained therein or received via the Services (except as expressly provided elsewhere in this Agreement).

4.1.2 create any derivative works based on our Website or any of the Materials contained therein or received via the Services, and you agree and stipulate that any and all derivative works are not “fair use”.

4.1.3 use our Website or Services, or any of the Materials contained therein, for any public display, public performance, sale or rental, and you hereby agree and stipulate that any and all such uses are not “fair use”;

4.1.4 re-distribute our Website or any of the Materials contained therein or received through the Services, and you hereby agree and stipulate that any and all such uses is not “fair use”.

4.1.5 remove any copyright or other proprietary notices from our Website or any of the Materials contained therein;

4.1.6 frame or utilise any framing techniques in connection with our Website or any of the Materials contained therein;

4.1.7 use any meta-tags, pay-per-click advertising, or any other “hidden text” using our Website’s name or marks, and you hereby stipulate that any use of the Website’s name or marks, or any other marks owned by us is an infringement upon our trademark rights, and you agree to pay any and all fees incurred in the recovery of this amount.

4.1.8 “deep-link” to any page of our Website, or avoid agreement to this Agreement (for the avoidance of doubt, you may only link to the main entry page of the Website).

4.1.9 circumvent any encryption or other security tools used anywhere on the Website or in conjunction with the Services (including the theft of usernames and passwords or using another person’s username and password in order to gain access to a restricted area of the Website).

4.1.10 use any data mining, bots, scrapers or similar data gathering and extraction tools on the Website or in conjunction with the Services.

4.1.11 sell, rent, lease, license, sublicense, transfer, distribute, re-transmit, time-share, use as a service bureau or otherwise assign to any third party the Materials or Services or any of your rights to access and use the Materials or Services as granted specifically by this Agreement.

4.1.12 use our Services to impersonate any other User or person.

4.1.13 use any Material or information on our Website or included in our Services in any manner that infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, publicity or other proprietary right of any party.

4.1.14 upload or attempt to upload files that contain viruses, trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programmes that may damage the operation of the property of another.

4.1.15 upload, post, email or otherwise transmit any submission that you do not have a right to transmit under contractual, fiduciary or other relationships (such as inside information, trade secrets, proprietary and Confidential Information learned or disclosed as part of employment relationships or under nondisclosure agreements).

4.1.16 upload, post, email or otherwise transmit any unsolicited or unauthorised advertising, promotional materials, “junk mail,” “spam,” “chain letters,” “pyramid schemes,” or any other form of solicitation, except in those areas that we may designate for such purpose.

4.1.17 falsify or delete any author attributions, legal or other proper notices or proprietary designations or labels of the origin or source material that is uploaded or otherwise provided by you.

4.1.18 restrict or inhibit any other User from using and enjoying the Services.

4.1.19 harvest or otherwise collect information about others, including e-mail addresses or other personally-identifiable information;

4.1.20 violate any applicable laws, policies, or regulations; and/or

4.1.21 do anything that may adversely affect proper operation of the Website and the Services and the reputation and goodwill of Miiror .

4.2. If you are seeking information regarding any illegal activities or seeking to engage in any illegal or fraudulent financial activity, please leave this Website immediately and do not attempt to use the Services. You acknowledge and agree that you are aware of the legality of using our Services in your relevant local jurisdiction, and you agree that you will not use the Services, if such use is prohibited or otherwise violates the laws of your state, province, country, or other jurisdiction.


5.1. Upon registering for a User Account, you will be permitted to use the Services designated as free from time-to-time, by way of a trial access to our Website and Services. Further access to other Services (and Materials) is subject to your payment of a subscription fee, or other charges, in accordance with the terms provided by the Company, as specified, when making such payments or subscriptions as applicable (collectively the “Fees”). The prices and features depend on the product you choose, and are updated from time to time at our sole discretion. You agree to pay all such fees or charges incurred in connection with your User Account from time to time. We will include any applicable taxes payable by you in the Fees paid by you for the Services provided by us.

5.2. We reserve the right to change, modify or increase any of the above Fees at any time and from time to time. Any such changes, modifications or increases will be effective upon posting such changes, modifications or increases on our Website. If you do not agree to the posted changes, modifications, or increases, you may delete your User Account as provided herein. Your first use of your User Account following the posting of any changes or revisions to the terms of this Agreement or modified Fees as posted on the Website will constitute your acceptance of all such changes or revisions. Additionally, third parties may charge transaction and other similar fees.

6.1. You may close your User Account by providing written notice to us. On termination, you will lose the right to access or use the Services.

6.2. Without limiting other remedies available to us, we may immediately issue a warning, temporarily suspend, indefinitely suspend, or terminate your access to and use of the Website and Services, including closing your User Account, at any time, with or without advance notice, if:
6.2.1 we believe, in our sole and absolute discretion, that you have breached any material term of this Agreement or the document(s) it incorporates by reference;

6.2.2 we are unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to us;

6.2.3 you have not paid Fees in a due time;

6.2.4 we believe, in our sole and absolute discretion, that your actions may cause legal liability for you, our users or us; or

6.2.5 we decide to cease operations or to otherwise discontinue any Services or options provided by the Website, or parts thereof.
6.3. You agree that neither the Website nor any third party acting on our behalf shall be liable to you for any termination of your access to any part of the Website or Services in accordance with this Agreement.

6.4. You agree that if your access is terminated by us, you will not attempt to regain access to the Website or Services using the same or different username without prior written consent from us.

You acknowledge and agree that any materials, including but not limited to questions, comments, feedback, suggestions, ideas, plans, notes, drawings, original or creative materials or other information, regarding Miiror and/or the Services (collectively the “Feedback”) that are provided by you, whether by email, posting to the Website, or otherwise, are non-confidential, and that by posting, uploading, inputting, providing or submitting your Feedback, you waive any so-called “moral rights of authors” in connection with the Feedback and acknowledge and agree that Miiror may use, exploit, distribute, reproduce, advertise, promote, publicise, alter, modify or edit the Feedback or combine the Feedback with other works including other Miiror Intellectual Property Rights, at our sole discretion. No compensation will be paid with respect to the use of your Feedback, as provided herein. You further acknowledge and agree that you shall promptly execute all documents and do all things necessary to vest or assign full right, title and interest in the Feedback in and to Miiror.


8.1. Express Disclaimers
By using the Website or Services, you expressly acknowledge and agree that:

8.1.1 such use of the Website and Services is at your own and sole risk;

8.1.2 any material and/or data downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the Website and Services or any of the Materials contained therein is done at your own discretion and risk and you are solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from the download of such material and/or data;

8.1.3 the Website and Services, and all materials contained therein, are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, or non-infringement;

8.1.4 we make no representations or warranties that the Website and Services, or any Materials contained therein, will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free; nor do We make any representations or warranties as to the quality, suitability, truth, usefulness, accuracy, or completeness of the Website and Services or any of the Materials contained therein;

8.1.5 we cannot and do not guarantee or warrant that files available for downloading from the internet will be free of viruses, worms, trojan horses, or other code that may manifest contaminating or destructive properties; and accordingly, we do not assume any responsibility or risk for your use of the internet;

8.1.6 we make no warranty, express or implied, regarding any transaction entered into through the Website or Services; and

8.2. No Implied Warranties
The warranties and representations expressly set forth in this Agreement are the only warranties and representations made by us with respect to this Agreement and the Services, and are in lieu of any and all other warranties, written or oral, express or implied, that may arise either by agreement between the parties or by operation of law or otherwise, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose which are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by applicable laws. None of these warranties and representations will extend to any third person.


9.1. Improper Use of Website or Services
The provision of any services which are in violation of any laws is strictly prohibited. If we determine that you or any User has provided or intends to engage in any activity or provide any services or material in violation of any law, your ability to use the Website and Services will be terminated immediately without any reimbursement of any payment or fees you may have made to us. We reserve the right, in our sole and absolute discretion, to cooperate with law enforcement upon legal request and/or advisement of an attorney. We hereby disclaim any liability for damages that may arise from any User providing any material or services for any purpose that violates any law.

9.2. Release of Miiror
If you have a dispute with one or more Users of the Services, you agree that neither we nor our Affiliates or service providers, nor any of our respective officers, directors, agents, joint venturers, employees and representatives will be liable for any claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of any kind or nature arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes.

9.3. Third Party Links
9.3.1. Some websites which are linked to or from the Website (including advertisements) are owned and operated by third parties. As we have no control over such websites and resources, you acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible or liable for the availability of such external websites or resources, and do not screen or endorse such websites or the content, products, advertising or other materials presented therein, and are not responsible or liable for any such content, advertising, services, products, or other materials on or available from such websites or resources.

9.3.2. Use of any website controlled, owned or operated by third parties is governed by the terms and conditions of use for those websites, and not by this Agreement.

9.3.3. You further acknowledge and agree that we shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use of or reliance on any such third-party content, goods or services available on or through any such website or resource. If you decide to access any such third-party website, you do so entirely at your own risk and subject to any terms and conditions and privacy policies posted therein.

9.4. Indemnification
9.4.1. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Company, its parent company, Affiliates and subsidiaries and each of their respective officers, directors, shareholders, members, partners, attorneys, employees, independent contractors, telecommunication providers, and agents (collectively, the “Indemnified Parties”), from and against any and all claims (including third-party claims), actions, loss, liabilities, expenses, costs, or demands, including, without limitation, legal and accounting fees (collectively, “Losses”), directly or indirectly, resulting from or by reason of: (i) your (or you under another person’s authority, including, without limitation, to governmental agencies) use, misuse, or inability to use the Website, Services, or any of the Materials contained therein; or (ii) your breach of this Agreement.

9.4.2. We shall notify you by electronic mail, mail, or other appropriate means, of any such claim or suit, and reasonably cooperate (at your expense) in the defence of such claim or suit. We reserve the right to participate in the defence of such claim or choose our own legal counsel, but are not obligated to do so.

9.5. Limitations of Liability
We shall only be liable to you for loss or damage caused directly and reasonably foreseeable by our breach of this Agreement and our liability in these circumstances is limited as set out from paragraphs 9.6 to 9.8. For the avoidance of doubt the term “loss” includes a partial loss or reduction in value as well as a complete or total loss.

9.6. Liability Cap
Except as otherwise provided for in this Agreement, neither we, nor our Affiliates or service providers, nor any of our or their respective officers, directors, agents, employees or representatives, will be liable for any amount greater than [(a) five times subscription fee paid for Services, or (b) USD 500].

9.7. Limitation of Loss
In addition to the liability cap at paragraph 9.6 above, in no event shall we, our Affiliates or service providers, or any of our or their respective officers, directors, agents, employees or representatives, be liable for any of the following types of loss or damage arising under or in connection with this Agreement or otherwise:

9.7.1. any loss of or damage to reputation or goodwill; any loss of business or opportunity, customers or contracts; any loss or waste of overheads, management or other staff time; or any other loss of revenue or actual or anticipated savings, even if we are advised of or knew or should have known of the possibility of the same;

9.7.2. any loss of use of hardware, software or data and / or any corruption of data; any error or delay in the transmission of such data; and / or any interruption in any such data;

9.7.3. any loss or damage whatsoever which does not stem directly from our breach of this Agreement; and / or

9.7.4. any loss or damage whatsoever which is in excess of that which was caused as a direct result of our breach of this Agreement (whether or not you are able to prove such loss or damage).

9.8. Applicable Law
The limitation of liability in this paragraph 9.8 is subject to any obligations that we have under applicable law and regulation, including our obligation to exercise reasonable care and skill in our provision of the Services. Nothing in this Agreement shall limit our liability resulting from our fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, gross negligence, deliberate misconduct, for death or personal injury resulting from either our or our subcontractor’s negligence.

9.9. No Warranties
The Services are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without any representation or warranty, whether express or implied, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law: specifically we disclaim any implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and/or non-infringement. We do not make any representations or warranties that access to the Website, any of the Services, or any of the materials contained therein, will be continuous, uninterrupted, timely, or error-free.

9.10. No Agency Relationship
Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to constitute, create, imply, give effect to, or otherwise recognise a partnership, employment, joint venture, or formal business entity of any kind; and the rights and obligations of the Parties shall be limited to those expressly set forth herein. We are not your agent or other representative. Except for the indemnity and exculpation provisions herein, nothing expressed in, mentioned in, or implied from this Agreement is intended or shall be construed to give any person other than the Parties hereto any legal or equitable right, remedy, or claim under or in respect to this Agreement to enforce any of its terms which might otherwise be interpreted to confer such rights to such persons. This Agreement and all representations, warranties, covenants, conditions and provisions hereof are intended to be and are for the exclusive benefit of you and us.


10.1. Grant of Licence
10.1.1 You acknowledge and agree that the Website and the Services and all associated Intellectual Property Rights are owned by Miiror (or its licensor, where applicable) and are protected by Singapore copyright laws and other laws. Except as expressly stated in this Agreement, Miiror grants you no other right or license, express or implied, to the Website and the Services, including without limitation, any right to use, copy, publish, display, compile, transmit, broadcast or otherwise exploit the Website and the Services. No proprietary rights are intended to be transferred or conferred by this Agreement. Miiror reserves all rights to and in the Website and the Services, including any and all patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, intellectual and industrial property rights, developed or in existence and in all forms of media throughout the world for Miiror ’s use and disposition at its sole discretion without any obligation to you.

10.1.2 Where your use of the Website and the Services is in contravention with the permitted purpose, for instance, where you directly or indirectly copy, translate, adapt, modify, alter, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise reverse engineer or create any derivative work of the Services, merge the Services or any part thereof with any other application or change Services in whole or in part, or where you violate any of this Agreement, the limited licence granted under this Agreement will terminate immediately, without prejudice to any of our accrued rights under law or otherwise.

10.2. Miiror Marks
Miiror and our licensors retain all right, title, and interest in and to all Intellectual Property Rights related in and to the Website and the Services. The “Miiror” logos and names are trademarks of Miiror (the “Miiror Marks”). For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this Agreement grants you a right to use any of the Miiror Marks, regardless of whether they are registered, without our prior written consent. All other product names, company names, marks, logos, and symbols on the Website or the Services may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

10.3. Other Marks
The product and service names of any other entities as displayed on the Website or Services may be trademarks and service marks of their respective companies and are the exclusive property of such respective owners, and may not be used publicly without the express written consent of the owners and/or holders of such trademarks and service marks. You acknowledge and agree that we either own or have been authorised by relevant third-party intellectual property owners to use all trademarks, copyright, patents, design and intellectual property of any nature and form found on the Website and the Services.


11.1. You acknowledge that we may process personal data in relation to you (if you are an individual), and personal data that you have provided or in the future provide to us in relation to your employees and other associated or other individuals, in connection with this Agreement, or the Services. Accordingly, you represent and warrant that:
11.1.1 your disclosure to us of any personal data relating to individuals other than yourself was or will be made in accordance with all applicable data protection and data privacy laws, and those data are accurate, up to date and relevant when disclosed;

11.1.2 before providing any such personal data to us, you have read and understood our Privacy Policy, attached to this Agreement and a copy of which is also available at Privacy Policy, and, in the case of personal data relating to an individual other than yourself, have (or will at the time of disclosure have) provided a copy of that Privacy Policy (as amended from time to time), to that individual; and

11.1.3 if from time to time we provide you with a replacement version of the Privacy Policy, you will promptly read that notice and provide a copy to any individual whose personal data you have provided to us.


12.1 We reserve the right to revise this Agreement from time to time, in our sole and absolute discretion. Your continued use of the Website and the Services shall be deemed acceptance of the then prevailing terms and conditions. You agree that all modifications or changes to this Agreement are in force and enforceable immediately upon posting. Any updated or revised version supersedes any prior versions immediately upon posting, and the prior version will be of no continuing legal effect unless the revised version specifically refers to the prior version and keeps the prior version or portions thereof in effect. To the extent any amendment of this Agreement is deemed ineffective or invalid by any court, the parties intend that the prior, effective provisions of this Agreement be considered valid and enforceable to the fullest extent, and all remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

12.2 It is your responsibility to periodically review this Website and Agreement to determine if any of the terms have changed. Where you have failed to do so, you assume all responsibility for your neglect of your legal rights, and you agree that such failure amounts to your affirmative waiver of your right to review the amended terms.

12.3 Copies of the most up-to-date version of the Agreement will be made available in the Website at all times.

If for any reason a court of competent jurisdiction or an arbitrator finds any provision of this Agreement, or any portion thereof, to be invalid, unenforceable or illegal, such invalidity, unenforceability or illegality shall not affect the remainder of this Agreement which will continue to be in full force and effect.

No waiver or action made by us shall be deemed a waiver of any subsequent default of the same provision of this Agreement. No failure or delay in exercising or enforcing any privilege, right, remedy, or power hereunder shall be deemed a waiver of such provision by us. If any term, clause or provision hereof is held invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the validity or operation of any other term, clause or provision and such invalid term, clause or provision shall be deemed to be severed from this Agreement. All waivers must be in writing.

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16.1. This Agreement shall be governed by, construed under and enforced in accordance with the laws of Singapore, without regard to any conflict of law provisions. The parties shall use best efforts to settle any dispute, claim, disagreement, question or issue directly through good-faith negotiations, which shall be a precondition to either party commencing any legal action. Any action in connection with, relating to or arising from this agreement shall be finally resolved by arbitration in Singapore in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre for the time being in force (“SIAC Rules”). The tribunal shall consist of one (1) arbitrator to be appointed in accordance with the SIAC Rules. All arbitration proceedings shall be in the English language. The seat of arbitration shall be Singapore. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding.
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